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QPict is a very powerful tool. Much of this power is hidden under an easy to use surface. But there are always cases when you need to use this power. Below is a list of commonly asked questions that might help you. If you don't find your answer here please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do rename my images in a sequence (image01, image02...)?

By using a specially formatted string as input in the batch window the string will be replaced by a sequence when executed. You can choose start number and number of digits. Example:

(click to enlarge)

This works for all text fields not just the name.

I re-installed QPict and now it won't accept my registration number! What is wrong?

If you had an older registration number this will not work with QPict 6 and later. Either purchase an upgrade or download
QPict 5.2.8.

QPict fails to play my DivX movie files. Is this possible to solve?

Yes, as QPict uses QuickTime it can view and play any media that is supported by the installed QuickTime codecs. Just download and install the appropiate coec (see Additional Softare on the right side)and restart QPict.

I want to rename my files using the EXIF date. Can I do this with QPict?

Yes, use the batch processor with this setting:

(click to enlarge)

Can QPict send a photo with Entourage, or only with Mail?

QPict can send media files through any mail app. You have to create an action that looks like this:

(click to enlarge)

Choose the app of your choice. Then save the action and optionally add the action icon to the toolbar.

I want to sort my images into different folders with a keypress while I'm viewing each image. Is this possible?
Yes, the batch processor has an action named "media file". Select this action and then choose "Move To" and select a desired destination:

(click to enlarge)
Click save and save this action with a shortcut of your choice:

(click to enlarge)
Repeat with any numbers of destinations. Later while viewing your media files just press the shortcuts to move the current image into a folder and the next image will then be shown.
From time to time the app feels really slow. Entering text is also very slow.
The most likely cause of this is that background buffering is active and the media files in the index does not have thumbnails embedded. QPict needs to create the thumbnails and this is very resource hogging. Turn of background buffering in preferences and speed should be back to normal.

Is there a users guide available?

The main help is located under the Help menu. There is also a pdf version available.

Is there any way to add several helper applications?

You have to create an action in the batch process window that looks like this:

(click to enlarge)

Choose the app of your choice. Then save the action and optionally add the action icon to the toolbar. Repeat the above steps with any number of helper apps.

I cannot find a way to change the zoom of the media while in fullscreen view.

You change the zoom in the view menu that is available while a media file is shown. The menu is available even in fullscreen view. Move the mouse to the top of the screen to reveal the menu bar.

I have found a way to crash QPict. Which is the best way to report it?

We are very grateful for your help in improving QPict. What we need is a description of what actions you did to make it happen. Also the crash log that is created is very useful for us. Search for "QPict.crash.log" and send this file to

I have a media file that should be supported by QPict but it fails to display correctly. What is wrong?
The file might be corrupted or a non standard version. It could also be a bug in QPict. Send us the file (see "Sample Files" on the right side) and let us have a look at it.
Will QPict ever support file format x?
I depends on several things. If there is a lot of people requesting it yes, most likely. Please contact us and describe why you need it and also send as a sample (see "Sample Files" on the right side) file if we request one.
Why are my RAW images very dark or black?
Because "Linear output" is selected in RAW preferences. Uncheck this option and your RAW files should display OK.

Is there any way to adjust the size of the picture sent by mail?

Yes, there is an indirect way to do this. Select the media file(s) you want to send and choose Export to media from File menu. Choose your settings in the options dialog and check "Add exported media to index". Run the Export. The resized media files are now added to the index. Select them and choose the Mail action.

QPict suddenly complains that it is not registered. I am a registered user, what gives?

If you re-install your system software or move the installation to another computer QPict will not be able to find its regsitration info. You then need to re-enter your registration info and evrything will be back to normal. 

QPict suddenly quits with no apparent reason. It happens even when I do nothing. What is wrong?

In some rare occasions this can happen when QPict is reading some specific corrupted media files (mostly jpegs). When it happens even if you don't do anything special it might be that the background buffering is active and QPict tries to buffer the corrupt image. Turn of background buffering and try to locate the offending file.
My hard disk is filling up. Is it possible to move (archive) some of my media files to a CD or DVD and still have the thumbnails and other data left in the index?
Yes, use the "Move To" command in the Actions menu. Insert a empty CD or DVD, select the items you want to move and choose "Move To". Choose the CD/DVD as the destination. When the move is complete switch to Finder and click on the "Burn" icon. When the disc is finished switch to QPict and save changes to the index.
Sometimes thumbnails are slow and seems to be recreated each time I view the index.
The thumbnails you have created is smaller than the current view size. If this is the case QPict will use the media files to draw larger thumbnails. The solution is to select a larger thumbnail size in preferences and then select all items and choose "Create Thumbnails" from the Actions menu.
The quality of my thumbnails are low. How can I make them look better?
By default QPict tries to use thumbnails embedded in the media files. These are often of bad quality. Check "Ignore thumbnail in media file" in Preferencs and recreate your existing thumbnails.

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Product Support:

QPict User Guide

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Additional Software

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Additional Codecs:
Flip4Mac WMV
Avid Meridien Codecs
AVI Playback Solutions
Cineon, DPX, PPM

System Software:
CarbonLib (Mac OS 9 only)

Sample Files

By sending us a sample of a file format that you would like to be supported in QPict or that doesn't work correctly the chances of getting this fixed is much better.Send sample files to:

Please contact us before sending sample files in case we already have one.